Hi there, I’m David and this is my wife, Sara, we are the owner of Spectrum Sparks.
When our second son was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism and was nonverbal until the age of 3.

After we got the diagnosis, We felt stuck in the grieving process, but we started to ask ourself, how do we help support our son and others like him on the spectrum? How do we help encourage and enable everyday conversations about autism to create broader awareness of those on the spectrum? From those questions...
Spectrum Sparks was born!

An inspirational store dedicated to empowering the autism/special needs community, with products and designs you won’t just want to wear in the month of April or an occasional event.

These were made to spread the message of acceptance, awareness, understanding, inclusion, advocacy, and love all year long. Our designs can suit everyone who wants to spread those messages, And for these special ones, empowering their specialnesses, but making them stylish!

We proudly donate 10% of every purchase to special needs charity programs such as Autism Society of America!.

✂ All our items are custom-made
♡ The collection is ever-growing, so make sure to visit my shop frequently. Stop by regularly and get some new gift ideas.
♡ We are a made-to-order business, allowing us to deliver items directly to your doorstep.
♡ Please note that actual delivery times may vary depending on your location
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